Environment Vision

The general situation of our industrial environment is characterized by three fundamental factors: 

Globalización - Tecnología JL5 Gestión Internacional
A. Globalization/Technology

The spectrum of activities in companies is increasingly Globalized and Technological.

Medios de Comunicación - JL5 Gestión Internacional
B. Media

The speed and agility of current means of communication force company managers to react and respond immediately to the needs and demands of customers.

Rentabilidad Plantilla y Estructura Empresarial - JL5 Gestión Internacional
C. Economic Profitability

The workload in industrial SMEs is usually irregular, so the staff must be adjusted to the minimum structure.

In this context, attracting new customers for industrial products must take into account the general marketing principle for industrial products followed in its actions by JL5 International Management:

- General Principle of Marketing for Industrial Products:

Premise 1

The "product" that is intended to be introduced on the market does NOT offer significant improvements in relation to the "product" of the competition. The differential of the Quality/Price ratio compared to that of the “competition” is going to be very small.

Premise 2

The current means of communication allow the "competition" to send the Potential Client a strong "supply" pressure. In this situation, the Potential Client shields its communication channels, to avoid the dispersion of the attention of its directors.

Premise 3

The “market” is in a situation of EXCESS SUPPLY. The Potential Customer's perception is that the selection of supplies is already satisfactory and does NOT require offers of other substitute products.


The only plausible way to attract new customers is to increase the commercial "strength" of the company, multiplying the number of approach actions on Potential Customers, and maintaining them over time. In this way, it will be possible to detect those clients in which the perception of conformity with the current supply (PREMISE 3) is altered for some reason (high price, delivery delays, drop in quality, need for a new service, etc. ). It is only in this situation that the Potential Client will accept the approach of new suppliers.

- The Problems of Industrial SMEs:

The personnel structure of SMEs is always reduced to a minimum. Any excess staff that is not strictly necessary for daily operations is understood as "expendable" since it directly affects the "income statement". However, the dynamism of daily operations prevents any investigative action necessary for strategic actions…. In the commercial area, this limitation directly affects an essential action that is the LOCATION OF NEW CUSTOMERS. The activity required by current customers (offers, clarifications, order management, etc.) monopolizes the possibilities of the Department. Commercial immersed in habitual and repetitive tasks. In some cases, the reinforcement with additional personnel on staff usually offers little results since the new action potential incorporated is immediately absorbed by the shortcomings of a limited structure and aimed at solving URGENCIES that arise in the various daily matters.