Essential Approach to Action

The "key" and essence of the development of the Action Plans of JL5 International Management lies in the separation of functions between two complementary spheres of action within the company:


Target: MATERIALIZE SALES…. His stock represents the short-term survival of the company


Target: CAPTURING NEW CUSTOMERS by projecting the company in new markets. Their action is essential for the medium-term survival of the company.

Traditionally, these two activities are "merged" in Industrial SMEs in a single functional area related to Commercial Management, Marketing and relations with foreign companies. This situation, framed in a very reduced staff structure, causes strong shortcomings in PROMOTIONAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT due to the fact that its casuistry is framed with "NOT short-term" actions, fulfilling in many cases the maxim that WHAT IS URGENT ALWAYS WIN OVER WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

Currently, the dynamism imposed by a TRANSPARENT market with SATURATION of "product" implies that the Commercial Management must work in the "short term" to materialize the few "business" opportunities on its "horizon". For this reason, it is essential for SMEs, as a survival strategy, to objectify their possibilities of action in the "medium term" through outsourced services for Customer Acquisition.

Although this separation of functions is essential for the success of any Action Plan, it is assumed that the Commercial Management is unique and must continue to be exercised by the Client. This is so since the knowledge of the product and the market experience associated with it resides in the Client's Commercial Department.