Services offered by JL5 International Management:

The services currently provided by JL5 International Management fall into three main areas: AdvisoryForeign trade consulting and Outsourced Management. Each of them with its particularities and scope... In the three areas, the experience of the "promoter" (Javier Luque) is the basis of the service. The differences between these types of services can be summarized in the degree of detail of each one of these services... The ADVICE establishes lines of action to follow, the CONSULTING establishes the Action Plan and the OUTSOURCED MANAGEMENT executes these plans.

The characteristics common to these three types of services are:

  1. It is done through a temporary intervention
  2. It is focused on the treatment of specific activities
  3. It is developed by professionals specialized in the field


In the case of ADVISORY, the strategic indications are the essence of the service. The extensive multi-company experience of the "promoter" in the most diverse "markets" and "products" is transmitted to the SME through indications and performance parameters of very high value.

Foreign Trade Consulting

In the case of the CONSULTANCY, this transmission of knowledge is translated into specific Action Plans adapted to the needs of the client and based on the availability of the SME's own personnel. In some cases they are Action Plans, in others they are Scripts with guidelines for action, in others Instructions and internal Protocols for action.

Outsourced Management

Outsourced Management (Interim Management) is a very widespread management model in certain business fields, although not so much in the Commercial and Marketing areas. However, commercial and marketing actions are perfectly outsourceable, and in many cases this functional separation from daily commercial management is even advisable.

- Outsourced Management in the Commercial and Marketing Area:

  1. Location of Potential Clients in a specific market or segment
  2. Establishment of Distribution Networks
  3. Recruitment of Commercial Agents
  4. Approach to new Potential Clients
  5. Presentations of Company / Product before new or current clients
  6. Board representation of the company in specific forums
  7. Commercial management (Consultation – Offer – Negotiation – Order)

- Advantages of Outsourced Management

  • It allows to address activities that cannot be carried out by the current team of the company
  • It incorporates highly qualified professionals with new points of view and extensive experience in commercial management
  • The development of the Action Plan begins in a very short time
  • The work operations of the Commercial Department remain unchanged
  • Does not require assignment of physical workstations in the company or computer equipment
  • The fees are framed in a commercial contract without employment ties with the incorporated professionals.
  • The service adapts at all times to the degree of activity required in the project, both in intensity and duration
  • The costs of the service are known and controlled from the beginning of the Action Plan
  • Use of a fully proven CUSTOMER ACQUISITION work methodology (JL5 International Management)
  • Commercial and Technical Interlocution in English, French and German (JL5 International Management)