The process of attracting clients is a tough task that requires very special preparation and personal positioning. Attracting new customers requires approaching them “cold-door”, that is, without any prior knowledge or contact with the customer. This demands from our team a moral force and perseverance that can only be developed by personnel specially prepared for these tasks. On the other hand, these actions can only be carried out in a work environment separated from the usual dynamics of "action / reaction" that daily commercial management demands... where inevitably WHAT IS URGENT ALWAYS PREVAILS OVER WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

The methodology developed by JL5 International Management has the following phases

  1. Analysis of the situation or contrast of the client
  2. Strategic Marketing Reflection / Definition of the approach message
  3. Identification and Research of Potential Clients
  4. Establishment of the Map of Potential Clients prioritized quantitatively
  5. Customer Approach Campaign (phone, mail, presentation meeting)
  6. Commercial Management: Collection of inquiries / Launch of Offers / Negotiation / Sale.