Our fundamental action as experts in business internationalization strategies is focused on locating and attracting new clients for industrial SMEs that entrust us with new segments of commercial activity.

The Team

Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals with multi-lingual communication skills and fully experienced in the operational methodology of JL5 International Management.

Our Services

JL5 International Management develops its activity in an essential field of industrial SMEs in our environment, which is the Attracting of New Clients, vital for the continuity of the business work of our clients.

The Key

The "key" and essence of the development of the Action Plans of JL5 International Management lies in the separation of functions between two complementary areas of action within the company: COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT AND PROMOTIONAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT

The Company

Our project JL5 International Management is a service company created to complement the activity of the Commercial and Management departments of the industrial SMEs in our environment.

Our task is focused on the development of internationalization strategies that, due to their characteristics, cannot be carried out by Commercial Managers in the framework of their daily activity.

Our Customer Acquisition Process

Analysis of the situation or contrast of the client
Strategic Marketing Reflection / Definition of the approach message
Identification and Research of Potential Clients
Establishment of the Map of Potential Clients prioritized quantitatively
Customer Approach Campaign (phone, mail, presentation meeting)
Commercial Management: Collection of inquiries / Launch of Offers / Negotiation / Sale
"When we created JL5 International Management, we did it in order to offer Interim Management services in the Commercial and Marketing areas. Contrary to other functional areas within the company, this activity that we develop is perfectly outsourceable. However, It must always be carried out by qualified specialists with proven experience."